Where to Find the Best LightWave Tutorial

A LightWave tutorial is the best way to learn all the functions and features of this program. This is a high end graphics program designed and released by NewTrek.  It can run on Mac and Windows operating systems. This is used for both static and animated 3d images. It is a rendering engine that contains advanced features that are not found in other programs. This software was used in Star Wars movies, Sin City, Star trek and Jimmy Neutron to name a few examples.

66 Tutorials

A great website that has combined 66 different tutorials for LightWave is http://cg.tutsplus.com/articles/web-roundups/tutorial-roundup-63-outstanding-lightwave-tutorials/. Learn how to:

  • create creatures form Lord of the Rings
  • create daytime lighting conditions with a simulation lighting rig
  • make the light sabers from Star Wars
  • create detailed busts and advanced glass surfaces
  • create skeletons as a start of character rigging
  • create cartoon figures
  • find tutorials on chromatic aberrations, clouds, morphing and much more

3D Tutorials

www.3Dtutorials.com also offers many tutorials just for LightWave. These tutorials are created by users and added. Learn how to make complicated images in a simple way. Model a Viking ship that is about the attack, and create a building within the software or a realistic landscape. There are tutorials on lighting, texturing, modeling, effects, composition, basics, rendering and other miscellaneous tutorials.

Software Training Tutorial

There are several websites that offer a full training course on LightWave for free. Learn everything that you need to know about LightWave. The tutorial contains step by step instructions and will allow the user to get everything possible out of the software. Learn how to render, create layers, create different models, apply text and more.  There are training courses available for all different versions of the LightWave programs. The tutorials assume that the user does not have any experience with LightWave which make sit perfect for beginners.


LightWave can be used in conjunction with other programs. By doing a search for LightWave and the other program, it is possible to find tutorials on using LightWave with other programs. LightWave is based off of C and C++ scripting language so it is compatible with other programs that use this scripting language.


NewTrek, the company that created the software, offers several video tutorials on how to use the software. There are 40 different video tutorials that explain how to use the basics of the software. The tutorials come with loadable content so you can work along with the tutorial. There are videos to help the user get the results he wants by streamlining. There are also video tutorials on how to use the new features being released in the newest version of LigthWave.


There are several books that detail how to use LightWave. Some of the books that are specifically written for LightWave include Modeling in LightWave, 3d Graphics & Animation, Texturing, Inside LightWave 9, LightWave 7.5 Primer, Inside LightWave 6, Inside LightWave 8, Inside LightWave 7, and more. Many of these books should be available at the local library. Be sure to get the book that uses the version of LightWave that you have.