What Is Womble EasyDVD?

Womble EasyDVD lets you author your own DVDs and customize them depending on your style. It also makes it very easy to do so; even novices can make their own DVDs. You can easily manipulate and navigate through the program in order to make the necessary inputs in creating your DVD.

Multi-Title DVDs

You can now make and burn DVDs with several titles burned within. For example, you can burn your three most favorite movies on one DVD so you can watch them anytime and bring just one disc with you. This makes it much easier and convenient for users in the future.

Trim Function

With the Womble EasyDVD trim function, you can edit out unwanted scenes from your videos so that you can save the ones that you like. This makes your authoring project more efficient by saving more space in the DVD. You can therefore input and fit more important data on it.

Smart Rendering

With this option, you avoid too much video-quality loss. MPEG video files being converted to DVD do not suffer that much loss in video quality because re-encoding is kept to a minimum. When you edit sections of your video, re-encoding only takes place at the frames before and after the cut sections, which makes the process faster and more efficient.

Intro Video

You can also add an intro video when you first play the DVD in your player or on your computer. With EasyDVD, you can give your video a professional touch by creating a video intro to match your customized DVD.