What Is VirtualDub?

VirtualDub is a nifty video editing program that allows you to mildly edit your AVI files. If you’ve been busy taking videos with your handy digicam, you might want to clean them up and stitch them together in order to make a mini-movie. This program allows you to just do that by converting your AVI files into something editable and then bring them back to their original state.

Video Capture

This program is primarily a video capture program that can do the job quickly without having to go through a long process. However, because of its simplicity, it may lack the more advanced features of some high-end video capture and editing programs such as Adobe Premiere.

Video Editing

VirtualDub also allows minor video editing so you can clean up your videos and make them a bit smoother. You can sharpen, blur and rotate the video for example. You can also alter the frame size and resolution if you need to.


The program also works relatively fast compared to most video editors out there. You don’t have to wait so long anymore and have the fear of your program stalling on you. It processes your video instantly without any hassle.


Most importantly, this software is free and costs virtually nothing. You can download it from the website and enjoy its benefits instantly. VirtualDub can be enjoyed by anyone who has the need for simple editing and alterations.