What Is VideoPad?

VideoPad is editing software that helps in the enhancement of videos to give them a professional touch. It has many tools that can help you transform your homemade videos and share them with friends and family through various media. Here are some of the features of this software:


The effects in this software allow you to select from an array of fading transitions, preview them as real time applications and also set the time of the chosen effect. Therefore, you get to choose the manner in which the effects take place, control the amount of time for the effects, and preview them like they were final products.


With VideoPad, you can easily add digital images and pictures, while also adjusting the brightness and contrast for your video. You can create effects similar to those found in old images and videos by applying the black and white effects. You can also play around with the sepia and negative toned effects. VideoPad allows you to input text or captions onto the video as well. There is also a set of great audio tools to experiment with.

Audio Tools

You can import set musical tracks or be more creative and come up with your own by combining two or more tracks. This tool also allows you to select or make your own soundtrack for your video. You can even input your own words into a narration on the video or if you have an existing one, you can simply import that to be added to the final product.