What Is VideoDub?

VideoDub is a simple program that lets you edit video files with ease. It allows you to take out certain portions of videos without going through the process of re-encoding, which takes a lot of time. Because of this, it means that you do not lose the original quality of your videos and they have their video integrity intact.

Easy Video Editing

You can use VideoDub to do quick editing to your videos, deleting unwanted scenes without any trouble at all. You can mainly use this program for the finishing touches of a video since it may not be able to offer the most comprehensive video editing options available. It can be used for simple editing of sections of a video.

No Lost Quality

Since re-encoding is not necessary to edit your videos, you do not lose any quality and it remains intact. You are, therefore, left with the original quality of the video you started with. You can edit as much as you want without any consequences.

File Support

VideoDub also supports the most popular video types. For example, it can read MPEG 1 and 2, AVI and MP4 extensions. You can, therefore, more or less edit the video files you have in your PC.

Free and Easy to Install

The best thing about this program is that it’s free to use by anyone. Just download it and install it to your computer with ease. VirtualDub’s file size is a mere 11MB and can be installed in a flash.