What Is Video To Flash Converter?

Video to Flash Converter is a program that allows you to convert your current video files into a flash format such as SWF or FLV. These converters give you various options. For example, you can merge your videos into one so you can easily make your own movie.

Video to FLV and SWF

You can more or less convert any type of video file into flash FLV or SWF format. Files such as MPG, MPEG 1 and 2, AVI and MOV are just some examples of the many file types that these converters can support.

DVD to FLV and SWF

It’s not just your video files, but also your DVDs. You can also get your old DVDs and convert them into flash format so you can use them accordingly. If you have numerous DVDs that you’d like to use as flash, these converters can certainly help you out.

Edit Video and Audio

Video to Flash Converter is also capable of editing videos slightly. It also lets you alter the audio in order to make the conversion more realistic and true. You can edit the height and frame of the video, as well as the bitrate of the audio.

Improved Interlacing Effect

When you chop up your videos and stitch them together before converting, Video to Flash Converter also takes into consideration the unsmooth transition of these cuts and is able to clean these parts for better overall viewing quality.