What Is Screenium?

Screenium is a software program that is used to do a screen capture of a page. It creates a “what you see is what you get” type of copying process so you can have a picture of everything that is on the computer screen.

Good for Teaching

Sometimes it’s hard to tell someone exactly how to do something. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so why not make a picture of your directions and then use Screenium to make a screen capture? Then, you can email it to your students, post it on the Internet to show someone how to do something, or use it any way you like. If you use this great program, you will never have to repeat yourself again because you have the file ready to give to whoever needs instruction.

Used with Video Editing Programs

While Screenium can work perfectly fine as a standalone program, you can also use it along with most video editing software. If you previously used Screenium to download or edit a movie or video, it will be in the same format as a QuickTime video and can easily be used in most movie or video editing programs.

You can take your videos you have made with Screenium and then upload them into a compatible format to share on YouTube or any other video sharing website.