What Is Production Premium?

Adobe Production Premium is a software solution that enables you to have the most complete video production tools in your hands. It is perfect for producing video, adding in motion graphics, special and visual effects, and integrating great audio and visual experiences using the best high performance tools in the industry.

Adobe Production Premium enables you to increase your productivity levels by enabling tight integration with other components of the Adobe Creative Suite. This enables speedier workflows. Adobe Production Premium enables you to quickly and efficiently create full-length feature films and special effects.

Programs Included

The Adobe Production Premium Suite is comprised of the following programs: Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Bridge, Adobe Device Central, Adobe Flash Professional, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop Extended, Adobe Soundbooth, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Dynamic Link, Adobe Encore and Adobe OnLocation.

Main Tasks

The comprising programs of Adobe Production Premium allow the end user to create projects based on interactive media, video and audio. You can easily integrate a complete script and video footage. Adobe Production Premium then enables you to edit video footage and encode it.

The Illustrator and Photoshop programs allow you to create, generate and modify graphics and images while Adobe Flash can be used to make flash based interactive media. Soundbooth can be used to create voiceovers and music recordings.

The Adobe Production Premium Suite is compatible with many common and uncommon video formats like AVCHD, DV, Panasonic P2, HDV, XDCAM EX, Sony XDCAM, XDCAM HD and many more, so that you can convert your videos into formats that are easy to upload to the Internet, to mobile devices or onto media such as DVD and Blu-Ray discs.