What Is Movie Finder?

Movie Finder is a free movie catalog program that lets you organize your movie inventory very fast with just a few clicks compared to other similar programs. All you have to do is type in your desired movie name and press enter to find the information you need--from information on the movie to its cover image--all from IMDb.com.

Operates with USB Drive

Most other movie searching software is not able to operate using a USB drive and transfer to another operating system--for example, from Windows to Linux, or Linux to Macintosh--without requiring you to do any installation. However, Movie Finder can do this with just having Java SE 6 or a higher version installed on your computer.

Finding Movies

This software is different from the rest of the movie-finding software because of the versatility of its features. If your storage device is a hard drive, using a default program, this software will play your movies once you have picked them. If you want to keep a selection of movies, then Movie Finder will be of great help by letting you keep these selected movies in a temporary list where you can easily manage them through deletions and additions.

There is also a big list of appearance choices that you can pick from so you can change the look of your window and its features. Movie Finder will certainly make finding your movies on your computer much easier.