What Is Corel VideoStudio?

Corel VideoStudio is a powerful video editing program which comes bundled with a number of features for fast and professional editing. Editors can import, edit and export their finished videos into DVD format or HD movies. Also included are a number of professional tools, high-quality special effects and templates. The following are a few features that comes with VideoStudio.

Improved Performance and Speed

The most recent VideoStudio version comes with a new Launcher window. With the new interface, editors will be able to choose how they edit, from using express features to more advanced tools. The express tools allows editors to quickly add and combine videos, photos, music, audio and other effects for a professional looking video in a few minutes. Speed is increased with the integration of Intel Core i7 and NVIDIA CUDA.

High Quality Effects and Video Templates

Included with the program are templates professionally designed by RevoStock, titles, high quality audio and video effects. These effects can be added to videos, photos, audio and even titles. Effects can also be customized for a personal touch. Videos and photos can be transformed into animated clips or hand sketches. Filters can also be added to the video for a more professional look.

Sharing Options

HD video can be imported from different sources including Blu ray discs, AVCHD, HDV and HD video cameras. Videos can also be captured from other sources such as analog and DV video cameras, USB devices, still cameras and the web. The finished video can also exported to Blu ray discs and DVDs with BD-J menus. Video formats with smaller file sizes can also be created, such as the HD MPEG-4 using the H.264 codec.