What Is Aiseesoft PSP Movie Creator?

Aiseesoft PSP Movie Creator is an easy-to-use DVD to PSP converter. Aiseesoft PSP Movie Creator also serves as a PSP movie converter, which means the program is able to convert between most popular types of audio and video file formats. There is both a Windows version and a Mac version of Aiseesoft PSP Movie Creator available. A free trial of Aiseesoft PSP Movie Creator is available if you would like to try the program before you buy it. This guideline will provide a brief overview of a few of the main features and functions of Aiseesoft PSP Movie Creator so you can get a good idea of what the program is capable of doing.

Converting to Accepted PSP Formats

The PSP is a very popular portable device because of its large screen and hard drive that allows users to easily watch movies. Unfortunately, the PSP does not accept all popular video file types, which means it is necessary to convert video if you would like to view it on a PSP. Aiseesoft PSP Movie Creator is able to convert most popular video file types to accepted PSP formats. A few of the video formats that Aiseesoft PSP Movie Creator can convert include MPG, 3GP, MPEG, WMA, WAV, MPEG2, AAC and WMV.

Video Editing Tools

In addition to using Aiseesoft PSP Movie Creator to convert movies and other videos so that you can view them on a PSP, Aiseesoft PSP Movie Creator can also be used as a video editor. A few of the video editing tools that are included with Aiseesoft PSP Movie Creator are watermark, merge, crop and trim. The watermark feature is great if you are taking video with your PSP and converting it to a popular video file format. You can apply a watermark to the video clip itself so no one steals your work. If you are having a hard time viewing a video on your PSP, you can crop the video file using Aiseesoft PSP Movie Creator so that the size of the video fits on the PSP screen better.

User Friendly Interface

One of the best features of Aiseesoft PSP Movie Creator is its user friendly interface. Many video converters can be difficult to use, which means you'll have to waste time reading user guides and tutorials. That is not the case with Aiseesoft PSP Movie Creator. In fact, you shouldn't ever have to read a user guide or tutorial to use Aiseesoft PSP Movie Creator. With Aiseesoft PSP Movie Creator, you will be on your way to converting video to accepted PSP formats with just a few clicks of your mouse. Aiseesoft PSP Movie Creator even allows you to watch your video as it is being converted. Best of all, Aiseesoft PSP Movie Creator provides the fastest possible conversion speed, which is actually over 300%. If you have a dual core computer, Aiseesoft PSP Movie Creator will take advantage of your processor to speed the conversion process up.