What Is Adobe OnLocation?

Adobe OnLocation is a software solution for direct to disk monitoring and recording. It is designed for professionals who directly add recorded content and metadata to digital discs. The Adobe OnLocation is very useful software and is not available in the form of a stand-alone product. It can be procured only by purchasing the Adobe Production Premium CS5, Adobe Master Collection CS5 or the Adobe Premiere Pro CS5.

Versions prior to the CS4 are compatible with only Windows based environments, but the later versions are also available on Apple Macintosh’s Intel based computers.


Production managers primarily use Adobe OnLocation. It helps them keep track of everything that is going on around their film and TV shoots. It can keep tabs on the logs and the shot lists and can also be used to capture notes on the fly.

Key Features

Adobe OnLocation allows you to provide real time camera input into your computer and then monitor the incoming footage for any problems pertaining to sound, lighting and content. If any problems persist, then you can immediately reshoot the sequence. You can also organize and plan the shoot properly by putting in placeholders representing shots to be taken later. Also, adding notations to your shots is supported. These notations can be used once the footage is exported to Adobe Premier Pro for editing.

All you need to do is hook up the camera to the computer via a Firewire port, then start Adobe OnLocation and simply hit the record button. You can create separate clips from the incoming footage too.