What Is 1Click DVD Copy Pro?

1Click DVD Copy Pro is a program that you can use to copy DVD movies onto blank DVD Discs. You can now save your favorite movies onto other discs in order to back them up. This easy-to-use program gives you total control in the DVD copying process, allowing you to choose the parameters of which portions to copy.

Set Presets

Choose from a number of presets available in the program if you want to copy your DVDs quickly and easily. The presets are already pre-configured for your convenience and all you have to do is choose which preset best suits your standards. If you do not feel the need to customize your DVD burning, this option will benefit you greatly.

Audio Languages

1Click DVD Copy Pro also gives you an option to burn your preferred audio languages into the designated DVD. The languages available will depend on the languages contained in the original DVD. Sometimes, it may state that the languages are “unspecified” which means that you may only burn the new DVD in its original language format.

Adding Subtitles

You can also add the subtitles when using 1Click DVD Copy Pro. If there are saved subtitles in the original source DVD, you can specify which subtitles to copy. If there are no subtitles saved on the original, you will not be able to choose any subtitle to save.

Video Compression Option

You can also define the compression of the video when it is being copied to the new DVD. For example, you can copy a full 8.5GB DVD into a 4.5GB blank DVD. 1Click DVD Copy Pro will automatically compress the video for it to fit.