What Does Xilisoft iPad Magic Do?

Xilisoft iPad Magic is an easy-to-use media management program for the Apple iPad. Xilisoft iPad Magic combines the iPad Transfer, iPad Manager and iPad Converter into a single program. Xilisoft iPad Magic can help you with everything from managing your media files to transferring your media files to converting your media files. Xilisoft iPad Magic is compatible with Windows operating systems only, although a Mac version of the program is also available. Below you will see an overview of some of the best features of Xilisoft iPad Magic so you can get a feel for what the program can do.

Transferring Media

Xilisoft iPad Magic makes it easy for you to transfer your media files between your computer and your iPad. Simply connect your iPad to your computer, open up Xilisoft iPad Magic, and you will be able to transfer files back and forth without any limitations. Xilisoft iPad Magic even allows you to transfer files from your iPad directly into iTunes. Xilisoft iPad Magic is compatible with Apple iTunes version 10 only. Best of all, Xilisoft iPad Magic can also back your media files up for you when you transfer them between your computer and your iPad tablet.

Ripping CDs and DVDs

You will love Xilisoft iPad Magic if you are someone that likes to listen to music and watch movies on the go. Xilisoft iPad Magic is capable of ripping CDs and DVDs so you can convert them to file formats that the iPad supports. Xilisoft iPad Magic is able to convert most popular audio and video file formats, such as MP4, QT, NSV, MTS, MP3, AAC, MOV and WMA. Unlike many programs that are similar to Xilisoft iPad Magic, Xilisoft iPad Magic is even capable of ripping Blu-ray discs that are in a M2TS video file format. Of course, the rendering engine in Xilisoft iPad Magic ensures that your audio and video files will not lose any quality during the conversion process. In addition to supporting the iPad, Xilisoft iPad Magic also supports other portable Apple devices, such as the iPod and iPhone.

Editing Tools

In addition to being an all-in-one iPad media management program, Xilisoft iPad Magic is also an audio and video editor. If you are working with a CD, Xilisoft iPad Magic allows you to change the track information for each song on the CD. You can edit everything from the artist name to the composer to the album name with Xilisoft iPad Magic. If you are previewing your video files in Xilisoft iPad Magic, you can pause the video at any time and use the snapshot tool to take a still image of the scene that you paused on. Xilisoft iPad Magic even allows you to create and edit photo albums with ease. To make it easier for you to locate your media files, Xilisoft iPad Magic allows you to tag them and search for them by keyword.