Wax Video Editing Freeware: Key Features

Wax video editing freeware is a free video compositing and special effects program that is made by DebugMode. Wax can be used as a stand alone program or you can easily integrate it with Adobe Premiere, Sony Vegas and other popular video editing programs. Here are a few key features of Wax:

1. Graphics Acceleration

One of the best features of Wax is graphics acceleration. If you have worked with other video editing programs in the past, then you know it can take a minute or two for effects to be applied to your video. The graphics acceleration tools that are included with Wax ensure that any effects that you choose will be applied in near real time or in real time.

2. Project Management Tools

Wax comes with all of the project management tools that you would expect to see in a paid for program. To help you easily organize your video clips, Wax comes with media bins and folders. In addition to being able to display element properties in Wax, you can also use Wax to attach comments to the video clips that you are working with.

3. Supported Video Formats

Wax supports all popular input video formats, including AVI and WAV. Output video formats that are supported by Wax include Fash, WAV, MPEG and AVI. If you have audio codecs installed on your computer, Wax is also able to input and output compressed audio in AVI and WAV video formats.