Videozilla: An Overview

There is a lot of video software on the market, but not all have convertor tools like Videozilla. This software helps you modify your videos. It works well with converting video files in the format of MPEG, 3G2 and MPEG-4. In as fast as a click, Videozilla helps you convert your videos to other formats. You have a chance to set where you want the video to start converting from and where it will stop. Audio quality can also be set, and you also have a wide choice of codecs to use. The software can also extract audio files from videos and saves them as WAV or MP3 files.

How It Works

To convert a video, all you have to do is right click on the file, click on the convert button and the file will be changed to another version (though all this happens in Windows Explorer). For those that are fascinated by commands, the software also has a provision for command line.

Key Features

  • Video Conversion: You can covert any video of any known format using Videozilla. You can also have files converted for you so that you can get to play them on any device of your choice, for example, iPod, iPhone or any other mobile device.
  • FLV Video Conversion: Videos found on You Tube can be changed to file formats that are compatible with Videozilla.
  • Conversion from Video Format to Audio Format: The software helps you save audio files from a video file.
  • Converting Flash Videos: Videozilla helps you upgrade your flash videos to a higher version like Flash MX.