VideoPad: Key Features

Moving, creation and editing is easier with the VideoPad Video Editor Software. It allows users to edit, layer and add effects to their movie and customize every scene. Even after the video is done with the editing process, it can be immediately shared online or burned into a hard copy.

Transition Options

To give a customized yet professional touch to the movie, different transition effects are available with VideoPad package. This allows you to view the effects as soon as they are applied. You can adjust the length of the effect and add drama to the overall viewing experience.

Audio Mixing Tools

Audio files can be imported and mixed into the video with ease. Together with the background music of your choice, narration can be added as well as sound effects to give the audience the perfect viewing pleasure. Cues and fades of every audio file can be incorporated into the movie like professionals do.

Video Quality

To make sure that the audiovisual experience is of utmost quality, the tone and light balance of the video can be changed to make sure that there is a uniformed quality of display on every scene. Effects can also be added like sepia tone, black and white, and negative. Photos and digital images can be inserted together with text captions to make it more personalized.

Easy Sharing

Right from your computer, share the videos straight to the Internet through YouTube. The files can also be burned into a DVD copy and saved into multimedia players like iPod, PSP, 3GP mobile phones and iPhone. They can also be viewed directly from the computer as a movie.

Creating and editing videos are fun and easy with VideoPad. Get this software today and experience it for yourself.