Video Wave: How to Edit a Movie

Roxio Creator's applications and features vary by personal needs and preferences; the Video Wave application is a tool to edit and share video projects, adaptable to an advanced mode of usage, as well as to the skills of a beginner videographer. This article will show you the basic steps to edit a movie with Video Wave.

Step 1: Getting Started

To get started, open VideoWave and in the Edit and Transfer section of your Video-Movies tab, select Edit Video – Advanced. Choose “Create a new production” and from the Format drop-menu, select Normal or Widescreen.

Step 2: Operating the Three Panes

You will see three working panes: Task pane, Preview pane and Storyline/Timeline pane. The Task pane lets you add photos, video or effects to your project; click on “Add Photo/Video” to choose items from your HDD. The second pane is where you see how your changes affect the project. The third pane shows the separate components of your video.

Step 3: Arranging Your Components

Once you are done adding items to your project, drag and drop them in the Storyline to rearrange them the way they will appear in the end.

Step 4: Trimming Clips

The Video Trimmer is opened by double-clicking on any clip. Move the little triangles to cut off unnecessary parts.

Step 5: Adding a Title

Select the first clip, click on “Add Text Effect” from the Task pane, and choose your favorite text style. Then, a text box will appear – type in your title and change its location on the footage by dragging the box.

Step 6: Adding a Transition Effect

There are many effects to choose from. One of the most popular is the Transition effect. In VideoWave, you can add one between two clips, or you may prefer to add a theme for all the transitions in the project. You can preview transitions by selecting the little boxes located between clips in your Storyline pane, and then clicking Play.

Step 7: Adding Music

Click on “Add Background Audio” and choose Media Selector. Songs located on your HDD will be displayed for you to choose the most appropriate one. After choosing your song, you have both the option to play the song in the background of the entire production and to add it to one or more clips. For the first option, click on Music Track; for the second, click on Sound Effect Track.

Step 8: Previewing Your Production

Play the entire video to make sure everything is correct. If not, modify one or more components of your project.

Step 9: Saving the Production

Open the File menu and choose Save. A copy of your edited video files will be saved to your hard drive, and the originals will not be destroyed.

Step 10: Sharing Your Project

Open the Output menu, and choose your preferred method of sharing. You have various options to choose from, such as email, YouTube, DVD and more.