Video to iPod Converter: An Overview

Video to iPod Converter is a useful piece of software for anyone with a new iPod or other MP4 player. This software can be used to convert your video files into a format which is suitable for use on an iPod. The main benefit of using this software is that it helps to reduce the size of videos so that they take up less space. The videos are still very high quality because they are viewed on such a small screen.

Converting Videos

Video to iPod converter can be used to convert almost any video into a format which is suitable for all iPods. Sizes can be chosen for the iPod touch, iPod classic and iPod Nano. Any iPod or MP4 player is supported as new ones can be added manually.

Converting Tivo Files

If you have a Tivo, then it's also possible to use this software to convert the Tivo videos into a format which can be played back on your iPod. This is a useful way of watching your favorite TV show even if you don't enough time to sit down at home.


The conversion software works very quickly and helps to convert the videos very quickly. This also ensures that processing power isn't wasted.

User Friendly

The software is very easy to use and perfect for anyone, even people who aren't very good with computers. Converting videos is simply a matter of adding the videos and then walking through the process. The software also comes bundled with its own codec which means that nothing else needs to be downloaded or installed.