Video to 3GP Converter: An Overview

The Pavtube Video to 3GP Converter is a simple and straightforward software solution for editing and converting you video collection to 3G2 and 3GP formats. It can handle most of the video formats like the OGG, MKA, TIVO, MOV, WAV, M4V, AC3, MP4, DivX AVI, MKV, WMV and YouTube Video FLV.

The software features extremely easy to understand steps to convert your video collections for viewing on a 3G mobile phone. The user interface is simple and has a lot of wizards that provide powerful video optimizing options. The key features of the Pavtube 3GP Converter are:

Advanced Syncing

The Pavtube Video Converter’s advanced sync technology makes sure that your videos are never out of sync with the audio.

Conversion Speed

Owing to its multiple thread usage and encoding technology, the Video to 3GP Converter provides much higher conversion speeds than its competition.

Built-in Codecs

The Pavtube Video to 3GP Converter has the necessary codec’s built into it and hence it is not dependent on the codecs installed in your computer.

Addition of Extra Elements

The Pavtube Video to 3GP Converter supports addition of a text watermark or an image watermark. Video watermarks are also supported for original creations. The video watermark actually adds a picture-in-picture to the video.

TiVo Support

The Pavtube Video to 3GP Converter supports TiVo files.

Audio Replacement

The Pavtube Video to 3GP Converter allows the end user to completely replace an original audio track with an audio track of your choice or preferences based on your needs.