Video ReDo: Getting Started

Video ReDo offers consumers with the ability to cut, edit and do a lot more with their TV Shows. Through the use of its software, you will be able to create DVD’s of your favorite sports games and TV shows. Getting started, there are a lot of things that you should consider, especially if you are choosing between Video ReDo Plus or their TVSuite.

Video ReDo Plus

Video ReDo Plus offers the most basic components necessary for cutting and editing TV shows. This includes DVD editing, frame by frame editing, real time preview of your edits, the ability to edit a lot of different video formats, and HD editing. Everything that you need to have for simple video editing is included in this package, and it will cost you less than $60.

Video ReDo TVSuite

The Video ReDo TVSuite offers a lot more than your regular ReDo Plus. It has a better graphical user interface and provides a much more efficient performance through a better encoder. You will also be able to add custom titles to your edited videos. Aside from all the video editing, you will be given access to DVD Authoring, which will enable you to place multiple titles on your DVD. You can also perform auto video sizing to match the capacity of your disc, auto conversion from HD to SD video, and a lot more. This costs around $80.

Constant Update

Aside from the things that you will get, Video ReDo constantly develops and supports both Video ReDo Plus and Video ReDo TVSuite, so that you are able to use more types of video file associations in the future (that are not currently supported).