Video Editing Tools: The 7 Best Free Programs

With so many video editing tools available online it can be difficult to determine which are the best. Simply downloading different programs and trying them will take up time and space on your computer. Instead, choose programs that have been reviewed by reliable sources and are considered the best. Different programs will have specific strong points while others may offer general features but may have weaknesses elsewhere. Not all software offers the same quality so make sure you look around to get the best that is being offered.

  1. Microsoft Movie Maker: Many new computers that use Windows will come with the movie maker. This is an easy to use video editing program as it uses drag and drop editing. It is also possible to include the many add ons and upgrades that are available for free from the Microsoft website. Which add ons you choose will depend on what you want the software to do. This is considered one of the best free programs currently found online.
  2. Avid FreeDV: Avid offers this software in formats for MAC and Windows operating systems. It provides some basic editing features for video and audio. It is possible to add two streams of effects as well. It is a very solid program but can be a bit difficult to learn the controls. However, once you have figured out the interface and which commands do what will provide itself to be a powerful editing tool.
  3. Apple iMovie: This program is very similar to Windows Movie Maker except it is for Apple computers. This contains many advanced features and add ons. It is one of the best for Mac users because it was designed specifically for MAC operating systems while most other programs where designed for Windows and then converted to MACS. Unfortunately the downfall is that it is only free for those that have the latest MAC operating system. For older systems this is not free but will need to be purchased.
  4. Wax: Wax is flexible, free and considered a high performance program. This originally was a college project but has since been further developed and refined. This is an excellent choice for home users and professionals as it can function as a standalone program or be used with other video editing software. One of the best features is the unlimited audio and video compositing.
  5. VideoSpin 1.1: This program is offered from Pinnacle Systems which will edit and make uploading videos to YouTube easily. This is perfect for those that produce videos specifically for YouTube though there is a charge for advanced support. However, it is a convenient and easy program to use.
  6. Avidemux: This is an open source program that can be used on all different operating systems. It supports all of the different video formats include ASF, MP4, MPEG, and AVI. It works on Windows, MAC OS X, Linux and BSD operating systems. It offers many different video editing tools and yet it is still easy to use.
  7. RichFLV: This program offers basic video editing on FLV format videos. While it mainly works on FLV files it can also deal with JPEG and PNG images as well as SWF video. It is possible to separate the clips out into different sections and acc markers and cue points. However, it does not provide any transitions or special effects.