Video Editing Tools: An Introduction to Zwei Stein

Zwei Stein is one of the many video editing tools available for free online. It will produce videos in Real Audio and Real Video formats. The download has been completely tested and does not contain any spyware or adware which can be of concern with free downloads. The software license is freeware so it can be downloaded for free and used with other DVD and video software. The program itself was created by


This is editing and compositing software so that several different video media formats can be combined. This can simultaneously render video from 2 or more video sources by using interpolation algorithms. It adjusts the chroma key, rotations angles, and audio volume so everything matches and is seamless. It can also add in effects to change the imaging processes wherever you want.

Video Editor

Some of the features available on the video editing side include an unlimited number of tracks that can be used, full control of the effect variables and tracks using keyframes, unlimited number of effects available for each track, full integration of video and audio, the ability to produce video files of many different resolution for 8x8 to 16000x16000, the ability to speed up, slow down, fast forward, or rewind the flow of time, looping of video and audio simultaneously, the ability to group the different tracks into different subgroup, audio mixing, use of different filters to invert, expand, copy, or swap the channels and pixels, alter the bars, beats, and parts of the musical score using the musical time toolbar, and integral audio running.

Using the Software

There is a limitation to how many tracks can be used with the software though 256 allows for plenty of room to work. Additionally it can produce a wide range of different video format files. Unfortunately at first glance it can seem a little confusing. However after taking the time to familiarize yourself with the interface, video editing is a breeze. Almost all of the editing functions around the project files which is similar to most other video editing software. In this software the projects can be visualized as a tree with the different branches consisting of the audio, movie, effects and video.  A small pane in the lower left hand corner allows you to keep track of all the components in that project.

Pros and Cons

So while this program is free there are some benefits and drawbacks to using it. It can be a little difficult to use as it is overly complex because this software is not for those just learning video editing. Additionally sometimes the interface has issues depending on the computer and the software has not been updated since 2007.  However some of these cons are good as many free programs are very basic and it is nice to have something that is free that features advanced editing functions. It will work on several different operating systems and allows you to control many of the video assets. The website does offer some help files and tutorials for the program which makes it easy to learn how to use it. This software is perfect for those individuals that want to control and alter the pure video settings to fix things from the raw file and not work around the issue.