Video Editing Tools: An Introduction to Windows Media Encoder

For those with a Windows operating system, there are many video editing tools that can be downloaded for free. Windows media encoder is one such software that will capture and convert prerecorded and live images that can be viewed in windows media. This encoder is a later version of NetShow encoder. The most current version is series 9. It comes in both 32 and 64 bit versions.

High Quality Video Clips

This encoder produces high quality videos because of the two pass encoding. This is used to optimize the quality of the video used when viewing streamed content.  This software also uses variable bitrate encoding that can be applied over entire sequences. Using this type of encoding will produce excellent videos. It is also possible to create your own application that can be used to automate the video and audio production. This program normally comes bundled with Windows Media Stream editor, Windows Media Profile editor and Windows Media file editor.

Ease of Use

This program was developed so that producers, designers and editors can create high quality encoded content. It will produce all different types of formats and there are many preset options that make using the software easy. Each user can customize the video so that you get picture perfect clips every time. It is possible to add titles, captions, pre roll, metadata, ads, and more. The interface is very easy to use and even amateurs can handle the video editing controls. The profile panel is very simple and the user can be encoding and compressing videos without having to spend time figuring out the interface.


The software has some handy features as they have a quick view option. It is possible to view it in split screen to determine how the changes compare to the original. It is possible to view these in real time. There are many different meta data options as it is possible to add customized meta tags and ISAN which is an industry standard. It is possible to add MPEG, QuickTime and AVI formats into the project as well as any DirectShow plugins for even more possible inputs. The latest version offers high performance as it works with multiprocessor and multiple core processors. This software greatly improves the video quality and is very efficient when using the latest hardware.


It is possible to scale, crop, remove or de-interlace the clips in order to get the best compression. You can easily add watermarks, idents, credit, remove unwanted sections or drop in multiple clips in order to create the best video files. The screen recorder can capture up to 10 minutes of video that includes any narration on the microphone. It is also possible to synchronize text using the timed text or SAMI features which are perfect for subtitles.

Fast Encoding

The software will assemble the clips quickly as it will only render the clip stitch points which maintain the quality of the original video and saves a lot of time. It also can add bookmarks and chapters so your clip functions more like a DVD, making navigation very easy. It uses VC-1 encoding which creates some of the cleanest compressed videos for great viewing no matter where it is seen.