Video Editing Tools: An Introduction to TMPGEnc

In video editing tools, TMPGEnc belongs to a family of video encoders (with a limited capacity for video editing) that were developed for Pegasys Inc. by Hiroyuki Hori. All products in that family run on Microsoft Windows.


TMPGEnc provides the freedom to encode almost any video file to a desired file format. The target file format can be DivX 6 AVI, MPEG 4-ISO, Quick Time, DVD-Video, H.264, HDV camcorder and many more. TMPGEnc is powerful software that provides you with features and functions ranging from very simple editing and cutting tools to layered filtering and multiple use effects. There are four steps to encoding with TMPGEnc. This makes most things very much easier than they would be otherwise. The 4 easy steps are: start, input, output and encode. There is a template for settings so that time is not wasted in figuring out specific settings. It doesn't take an expert to encode video with TMPGEnc. Given the simple user interface, work flows in a very natural way and the process is a pleasure.


TMPGEnc is convenient in that files from Windows XP Media center can be opened with it. TMPGEnc also takes DVD files for video. It features support for very high definition camcorders like JVC. TMPGEnc features the ability to automatically detect changes of a scene and mark them for reference in order to make life simpler when editing. TMPGEnc offers support where subtitles are concerned, as the video generator blends text seamlessly into video, and the subtitle editor provides many options and settings.


Color can be controlled using TMPGEnc and the special filters that it features. It offers thumbnail viewing at high speed with scrolling. This enables you to locate a scene easily and quickly. TMPGEnc lets you create slideshows that make use of video frames. Making use of separate frames captured from a video, slideshows are made easy. An audio track can easily be added along with a wide array of transitions.

In filter terms, MPGEnc includes 19 filters that are unique and allows you to apply upwards of 30 filters for one single encoding. TMPGEnc allows you to extend the capacity of DVD, by giving you the chance to out up to 24 hours of video footage on one double layer DVD, and keep it reliable. TMPGEnc works well with HD, and allows you to capture videos as you move as well, by obtaining settings for your mobile device and sending them from your computer to a PSP, PDA or iPod.

TMPGEnc is essentially an incredibly useful tool performing a variety of important functions. The most important of these might well be the way in which it makes life much easier for the user in a large number of areas. The array of features and effects it offers users is very impressive indeed, and it's hard to imagine other software beating it in terms of properties. It is expected that almost every user of TMPGEnc will be more than satisfied with its usability and professional appeal. Once you're used to the way it operates, TMPGEnc is a very valuable ally.