Video Editing Tools: An Introduction to MPEG Stream

MPEG Stream is one of relatively few video editing tools for converting MPEG2 and MPEG1 and transport streams. It was written and created in its entirety by Squared 5 in Italy.

What is MPEG Stream?

MPEG Stream is a formidable video converter, player and editor for MPEG, transport streams, Quick Time and iPod, known for its top quality results. MPEG Stream is also now used to download movies, after having been improved.

MPEG Stream can be used for opening and playing most video formats, including transport streams and MPEG files. Once opened, they can be copied, pasted and trimmed. Using In/Out points they can be converted into demuxed or muxed files, or exported to AVI, DV, QuickTime and professional quality MPEG-4 files, so that they can be easily imported by a DVD authoring device and used with any number of other devices or applications. 

What Does MPEG Stream Do?

Video conversion using MPEG Stream is conducted in YUV color space. Choosing to resize video into a different frame scale through using 2D-FIR professional scaling technology is possible, but it can equally be left uncalled. Features of video processing that are optional beside these include a dominance converter for field of vision, an adaptive deinterlacer, a chroma type reinterlacer and the added option of performing scaling that's interlaced rather than progressive scaling. As for audio, that can be changed into uncompressed, IMA, MP2, AAC or AMR by using high quality MP2/MP1/AC3/PCM decoders that are built in. Everything is kept in sync with a system for keeping time.  

Advantages of MPEG Stream

It offers you the options of exporting, editing and playing various formats through using a QuickTime codec that is compatible. MPEG Stream also converts between MPEG-2 and MPEG formats without any loss to video quality. Formats that are compatible with Quick Time can also be converted.

The conversion features of MPEG Stream are compatible with many and most unprotected MPEG-2 and MPEG transport streams, which have the capacity to convert between formats compatible with QuickTime.

MPEG Stream is very smart software for the modern age. One of its best features is that it's a flexible tool. It can be put to use in almost any context where video needs converting in the aforementioned formats, and that is an almost unimaginably large number.

One excellent new feature of MPEG Stream is that it enables you to save movies that have been edited like an MOV file, and wherever you can, as MP4 or AVI files. You can save files of MPEG-1 or MPEG-2 type that have been edited as TS files or MPEG files.

With this new facility it is to be envisaged that MPEG stream will enter even more homes and find even more uses and applications.

More and more professionals are now using MPEG Stream to benefit the millions of sites online that host video. It is easy to imagine that developers will continue to enhance what is already a fantastic piece of software. Converting video is easy when you use MPEG Stream correctly.

MPEG Stream is free software that's available for Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 7 and Mac OS X.