Video Editing Tools: An Introduction to MP4Box

One of many video editing tools now available, MP4Box is a converter of MPEG-4 files. You can use it to import video that's in MPEG-4 format as well as streams of audio data. The final result of this process is MPEG-4 streams that are ISO compliant. MP4Box can also be used to produce timed text streams in MPEG-4, through its ability to import subtitle formats like srt. MP4Box features only a command line interface, but it can be utilized with graphic user interfaces like YAMB and MP4BoxGUI.


MP4Box is a command line tool with many purposes centered on the conversion of MPEG-4 files and the transformation of ISO media data files (3GP, MOV and MP4). It supports the conversion of files from a variety of raw formats and containers such as AVI, IsoMedia, MPEG-PS and OGG.

File hinting is possible for streaming RTP with Quick Time friendly servers for streaming, interleaving of files, extraction and fragmentation.

Dump tools are also provided by MP4 Box to be used for inspecting the layout of files, SDP information, RTP hint tracks and composition of scenes. MP4Box can be used in order to change files from ant to BT/XMT-A/VRML/X3D.

Other Uses

For OD and BIFS, MP4Box contains MPEG-4 decoders and encoders. MP4Box does not anticipate any particular order when it comes to options available at the prompt screen. 

MP4Box is a multiplexer for MP4. It allows for importing video in MPEG-4, XviD, DivX, h264, 3ivx and others. Subtitles and audio streams go into a container for .mp4. The final result is MP4 streaming that's compliant. MP4Box is also able to take streams from any .mp4. A command line tool, MP4Box can be implemented with a graphic interface for users, such as by MP4box GUI and YAMB.


MP4Box is one of a few MPEG-4 mixers. It allows you to import MPEG-4 type video (ASP or H.254) encoded with, for example, DivX, x264, Xvid, Ffmpeg and 3ivx, or audio streams into a container for MPEG-4 streams. It's capable of producing timed text for MPEG-4 streams through importing formats for subtitles like srt. MP4 files in sections can be split, which is very useful when in the process of transferring files to media players that are more portable.

Part of the GPAC project framework, MP4Box provides a command line interface only, and for reasons of legality, its source code is the only thing that is distributed. Front end GUIs such as MP4BoxGUI and YAMB are different in that they include some binary versions of MP4Box with projects. 

As a multipurpose tool for performing a great many technical tasks, MP4Box is part of the tool kit used by a great many video editors. It allows for audio and video files to be manipulated in a great many ways. Without MP4Box, many types of file conversions would not be possible, and we'd all find ourselves a lot more limited as to what we can watch online and at home. We can expect to see MP4Box put to a lot of good use as advances continue to be made for which it will be indispensable as a program.