Video Editing Tools: An Introduction to MediaCoder

MediaCoder is one of a number of free video editing tools available for both professional and amateur use. MediaCoder is a video and audio batch transcoder that will work with Windows and Wine. It has been subject to development by Stanley Huang since 2005. MediaCoder started being branded under the name Broad Intelligence in 2009. MediaCoder is free software that is supported by bundling Open Candy recommended services with the installer. No advertisements are present in the software GUI, but a page is loaded by default that features ads every time it starts up.

MediaCoder makes use of several open source video and audio codecs, among several tools to transcode differing video and audio formats. It has a great many features. Uses for MediaCoder include: compression, conversion of file types and extracting from video and audio files. MediaCoder supports many formats, including Vorbis, MP3, AAC, Windows Media Audio, RealAudio, DVD, CD, AVI, MPEG2, MPEG4 Part 2, H.264 and WAV. 

Features of MediaCoder

MediaCoder is a universal transcoder that integrates most available video and audio tools and codecs in a smart and clearly defined way to provide a solution for transcoding that covers all areas. Its architecture is extendable and flexible, and the most recent codecs and tools are added to it constantly. It's a kind of Swiss army knife for media transcoding of any kind.

MediaCoder allows for the conversion of and between most popular audio and video formats. It lets the user accomplish job level parallelization and activities that require multi-threaded transcoding. It offers users the ability to do transcoding of a high quality, and perform extremely well in this regard.

It gives users control that's flexible over parameters for transcoding. It provides a UI that is simplified for popular mobile devices such as the iPhone, iPod and PSP. MediaCoder is fully stand-alone and does not depend on splitters or codecs. Simultaneous transcoding of segmental data is in the developmental stage.


MediaCoder improves compression and reducing size for video and audio files. It allows users to convert media content for playback on multimedia devices. Converting content for online publication or broadcasting is another key application for media.

MediaCoder allows you to extract audio and video tracks from files. Batch encoding and extending is possible when you use Mediacoder alongside it. 

Formats that are Supported

MediaCoder makes use of several free or open source decoders, multiplexers and encoders that are updated and improved by their maintainers or authors on a regular basis. Some original modules are present in the software to compensate for the deficiencies of open source codecs used.

MediaCoder features a built in streaming server for media that can be used for streaming out video and audio files via HTTP protocol. It provides on-the-hop transcoding for both video and audio streaming by making use of supported video and audio codecs. Essentially, MediaCoder is a conversion tool that has the advantage of being useful in any number of situations. For your conversion needs, it provides high level capabilities that can be exploited wherever you happen to be.

MediaCoder is an essential piece of free software.