Video Editing Tools: An Introduction to HyperEngine-AV

HyperEngine-AV is one of the most popular video editing tools available for Apple Mac computers. It is a program built to function with real time processing of signals and audio, and the design exists within a framework that allows special plug in effects, such as Ionizer and RayGun from Arboretum, to act independently of third-party software. Harmony and Hyperprism are similarly able to run as programs that are self contained within HyperEngine-AV.


HyperEngine-AV offers some persuasive advantages over other video editing tools available for Apple Mac. It provides disk based and real time output and input services to plug-ins. With HyperEngine-AV, you can open an existing audio file from disk, record a new file onto a disk, or process effectively using an array of simultaneous effects or plug-ins, according to what your mainframe system speed will allow. 

HyperEngine-AV operated on the principle of non-destruction, which means that sound files are never changed, rather, new copies of sound files are generated. Given that sound files can be created repeatedly, HyperEngine-AV provides users with a reference document that stores information about files being processed, so that when sound is loaded, it automatically provides you with the correct audio file. You can also create HyperEngine-AV reference documents in order to organize and store special settings for the effects settings you use to process real time audio connected to your Apple Mac computer.

When you have found settings you're happy with on HyperEngine-AV, you can create a processed copy of the original file by using the Process to New File command, which is to be found in the File menu. HyperEngine-AV is not copy protected and requires no special installation.

Software and Hardware Requirements

To run HyperEngine-AV, you need a 120MHz Power Macintosh or foster. It must feature 16 Megabytes free Random Access Memory and be running the Macintosh 7.6 version Operating System or a more recent one. The sound control panel must be version 8.0 or later, otherwise you'll need extension version 3.2.1.

One or more HyperEngine-AV compatible plug-ins are required to get the most out of the software. Popular plug-ins include the ones mentioned earlier.

Introducing Sound to HyperEngine-AV

HyperEngine-AV has essentially got 2 modes of operation. There is file based operation, whereby an audio file on a disk is used as HyperEngine-AV's audio input, in addition to real time "play through" processing, whereby driver devices that are external can be connected to an Apple Macintosh audio input and output for real time processing.

File Processing

HyperEngine-AV is able to open audio created by other sound programs, or you can use HyperEngine-AV to record new sound files from any source that is connected to your Apple Mac.

Play through Processing

HyperEngine-AV functions using "live" sound connected to the input of an Apple Mac sound card. This means that the output of a DAT, microphone, or other source can be connected to the input and processed, with the resulting audio being sent to speakers in real time.

Sound Output

HyperEngine-AV lets you retain different edited files and processing settings for the same piece of audio and is a complete video editing package that allows you to produce work of a high standard.