Video Editing Tools: An Introduction to CleshLoad

When we refer to Video editing tools, we refer to the software programs that help us manipulate, modify and edit videos. Video editing is the process that gives us the chance to remove the sections we want or add particular effects that can communicate our message better. It also allows us to accommodate the sequences better, or even re-arrange segments and clips of the video. Cleshload is a video editing tool becoming very popular lately, because it allows easy and intuitive editing. 

An Introduction to Simple Video Editing with Clesh

Cleshload allows for simple or complicate video editing and simple sharing to different PCs via websites, blogs, emails and direct sending to cell phones. In order to use Cleshload you need to set up an account and share it with your friends and family. The website and program are both easy to use. You simply go to the main page and type your username and password. The Clesh program starts automatically, opening a file's window. There you can open the files you want to edit.

If you want to make a simple edit, you need to set the in and out point of editing in the play window. This is an easy process, because you simply need to position the cursor on the timeline bar in order to set the in and out points. You can also drag the selected video clip from the main window and drop it to the record window, which you can find on your right. Once you finish the simple editing process, you can open the files window and drag the new clip you have created into it. Then you need to click on the file and type the new video name.

Non Linear Video Editing with Clesh

Cleshload allows for nonlinear video editing. It uses a digital format, which is opposite from linear editing, which involves an analog mechanism. Linear editing is not used much today, but Cleshload has managed to enhance and optimize the process of nonlinear editing, allowing the user to change the order of clips and sequences.

Cleshload gives the video creators the chance to use their creativity and imagination, manipulating the videos they have captured in their cameras or PCs the way they want. This video editing software offers many different possibilities for audiovisual manipulations. Cleshload allows you to edit the audio as well, manipulating it in different tracks, separately from the visual part.

The Advantages of Cleshload Software

One of the great advantages of Cleshload is that once the video editing process has ended, the home video will look completely professional. This video editing piece is not that complicated to use, however, if you wish to make more complicated interventions to the original video you should learn how to use the tools and practice on them. Once you have acquired the proper amount of experience, the Cleshload product is definitely worth the time and effort.

Cleshload can work on all major operating systems, including Win XP, Vista and 7, as well as MacOS for those who work on an Apple platform. The video editing tools of Cleshload are effective and efficient even for an amateur user.