Video Editing Tools: An Introduction to Clesh

Clesh is one of the online video editing tools for use by communities of web users and consumers. It is essentially based around very similar technology as another editing tool, FORscene, which is used widely among professionals. Clesh functions as a platform that stands alone. It is a tool that enables different websites to provide various independent services for video.

You can upload content from a normal web browser or client based software. You can then edit, review or publish online material hosted in its entirety from anywhere in the world with the aid of a browser that's Java enabled.

With Clesh, storyboard shot selection is supported, as is frame-accurate editing. Various control associated with transition are also supported, such as zoom, pan, light correction and color and the audio levels. You can publish content in a variety of formats, including Mpeg2, Podcast or a format that other web browsers support. The content is protected by the fact that you can access it only with a personal login. All rights remain with the author of any work.

Clesh can be embedded as a component of other websites with a view to providing management tools, editing services, and video production for a website's administrators and members. Clesh is in this context a useful part of additional support. It's useful because it helps with the look and feel, allows for a login that is without glitches, and makes moderation easy.

Features of Clesh

Clesh provides for the rendering of video in real time. It allows for multiple audio tracks and secure login. Authors using Clesh retain their right to material. Frame accurate editing is provided. There is a storyboard facility. It is possible to import and host media from DV tape and other sources of video, as well as still images and audio. Publishing to podcast is possible. You can chat with other Clesh users in chatrooms. You can publish videos in online galleries such as showreel. Moderation is also a key feature, as a third part is required to view all videos prior to publication.

Clesh Technology

As mentioned earlier, Clesh is based on very similar technology to FORscene. The Internet takes care of security, storage, delivery, and access for users who access Clesh via their Web browsers.


Clesh is accessed via a rich interface for users. It supports, for example, drag and drop functions. Assistance comes in the form of dynamic tool tips and mouse buttons are often used to access more advanced functions. Clesh is the most sophisticated and advanced video editing and publishing system to run through via a web browser. It works on PCs and Apple computers and no installation is required. As such, it's the perfect editing tool for people with little time on their hands.

In conclusion, Clesh is a very useful video editing tool because it enables you to upload videos from computers or mobile phones. It features timeline editing and a storyboard. Clesh can be accessed anywhere, any time. You can easily share and publish content using it. Clesh is a modern tool in that responds to the demands of a fast paced culture.