Video Editing Tools: An Introduction to AviTricks classic

AviTricks classic is one of a few AVI film and video editing tools available that feature a number of special effects and preview features. AviTricks classic is for Windows Media or AVI format.

What is It?

AviTricks classic is a video editing tool that offers the ability to preview in real time. It makes it easy for you to join footage, cut footage and includes a wide range of features. These include dissolves, sepia effect, fades, iris effect, mirror image, TV-shop and more. There are many exciting features to AviTricks classic, in fact, but the most exciting one might be the freedom it gives you to create something unique. With a host of effects at your fingertips, it really is up to you how good a film looks.


AviTricks classic allows for slow and fast motion video, useful effects for any film, music video, sporting collection - virtually any film in fact. It provides many transition effects, affording you the freedom as a film maker to really put your own stamp on what you make. It features various output formats.

With AviTricks classic cutting, joining and editing footage is easy and there are an array of effects that can be applied alone or simultaneously for layering.


Video being worked on appears in real time on a preview screen and is represented visually using graphics in the form of a timeline and a tree structure. The sub-project and tree-structure approach lets you apply as many filters, effects and overlays as you like and makes it possible to stack new properties or to split larger projects into units that are the right size to be worked on. Those units can then be combined as you see fit, or sent to other users for use in a combined project.  


Even rank amateurs are able to achieve professional looking results with AviTricks classic. AviTricks classic allows you to produce video that you can feel very proud of, through offering you a great many options via the menu bar. Fast and slow motion can be applied, bitmap clips, frames without content and more. Different content can be overlaid, such as transparent images, title pages, opaque effects, subtitles and many more. The same principle applies to audio effects.

AviTricks classic allows users to decide upon the output format of their creations, and that can be either avi, gif or Windows media format. You can select frame size and you can use a compression tool to compress the audio.

AviTricks classic features an interface that reacts well to what you're probably thinking at the time. It doesn't always need to be told that a particular function or effect is coming next. That makes it easier to use and saves time.

Whether you need to edit, cut, and or join film or frames to create a movie, AviTricks classic gives you the tools to do it and to do it well. There are other tools on the market for doing this job, but many fall short when it comes to features like effects and real time previewing.