Video Editing Tools: An Introduction to AVIedit

AVIedit is one of the many video editing tools on the market that allows you to create professional looking videos, either for making good quality films from footage taken using a DV recorder, or producing amateur movies. It's software that allows for diverse production methods and it is a very useful tool for anyone with an interest in video editing. AVIedit is an easy to use program that will allow you to produce professional looking films.

Easy to Use

The most interesting feature of Avedit is the ease with which it transfers its features to editing and creating using still images as well as video. With AVIedit, you can create very effective moving montages with still images, making use of the audio tracks to complement what you've produced.

What it Does

AVIedit is essentially a capturing tool, a converter, and an editing suite in one, and here are some of its features. AVIedit allows you to watch, cut, or capture videos and frames, in a window or full-screen. It allows you to enhance videos by featuring over 30 effects for you to choose from. It features plug-ins that are compatible with Photoshop from Adobeā„¢ allowing you to alter sharpness, brightness, and, usefully, frame rate too. AVIedit enables you to add or remove audio tracks, use TWAIN scanners, and create titles. AVIedit allows you to import images in bmp form, JPG, targa, etc. You can print frames and export them to GIF, FLI or FLC.


AVIedit features a user-friendly windows style interface consisting of one main window, a row of menus and a row of toolbars featuring basic functions like save, open, cut, paste and delete. In addition to these, there are mroe options. Applying titles and filters is made easy. It's necessary to understand the full range of functions of which AVIedit is capable in order to get the most out of it, since the software is non-intuitive in that it relies on you to tell it what to do. Investigate the cut and paste options thoroughly to get the most out of it.

AVIedit provides ample information about what's happening as you work. Frames and files are shown with timings in seconds, inside and outside the frames. Available disk space is also displayed. When it's a compressed file, AVIedit displays the type and allows direct access to driver configuration options. 
AVIedit is an entertaining and useful tool. It may be an example of simple video editing and conversion software, but in real life it provides for very much more. AVIedit allows you to perform fairly sophisticated operations. One of the beauties of it is that it makes everything visible to you. All details of file format and compression options are available. The same applies to customized filters and other technicalities.

There are times when a highly complex piece of software is required to perform a task. When this is not the case, using very complex tools can hinder the ease with which a task is accomplished. In video editing terms there may well be a great many occasions when the simplicity offered by basic tools like AVIedit is far more desirable than the array of functions more complex and more expensive software allows for.