Video Editing Tools: An Introduction to Avidemux

In the world of video editing tools, Avidemux exists to save time when it comes to cropping and editing videos of every format. As well as featuring some advanced options, Avidemux makes simple cutting, editing and re-encoding very easy. As a brief introduction, it will be useful to examine some of the key ways in which it makes editing easier.

How Does it Compare?

Avidemux is not as powerful as other video editing tools available, but it does have plenty of features. It can be used effectively with most formats of video, it lets you control subtitles and the editing of audio files and converts files to different formats, all via one screen interface. One highlight of Avidemux is that an entire project, complete with options and preferences, can be saved in one file - very useful when you need to save time.

First Toolbar

The first toolbar is for simple functions such as opening and saving your work. Other buttons allow for viewing basic information and allow you to see the output of what is to be played. While the input function is extremely useful, the output function (as mentioned before) lacks the ability to present the effects of compression. It simply shows the ways in which filters applied will modify the video. The output feature works when the video is in motion and the preview function when it has been stopped.

Second Toolbar

To the left of the interface is the second toolbar, which is used for setting which codec is for audio and which for video. For both, settings are present to allow for different configurations. The video filters function is certainly one of the key features of this software. Several filters can be applied simultaneously, and it features a long list to choose from. Through making use of these filters, a large number of effects can be achieved. Remember to press the V and the A buttons when resizing in order to make use of the software's bitrate calculator. If you fail to press these then the software will not encode.  

Third Toolbar

Beneath the actual video is the toolbar for controlling playback. All the necessary controls are present here. From here you can control where a file begins and ends, and it's not hard to imagine that a first time user would find it easy to use.

Avidemux is less complicated and less powerful than other tools on the market, but it benefits a lot in terms of usability from being relatively simple. Avidemux is essentially software that will best serve a non-professional, but that means that there is a lot of scope for it to be of use to a great many users. Choosing a free Avidemux video editing program can be a great option because once you're used to the way it functions, it is a tool that can be used repeatedly and effectively. Most users should find that they're used to the way it works after just a few attempts at using it. The preview functions may leave a little to be desired, and the toolbars may be relatively unsophisticated, but the program on the whole does what it is supposed to.