Vegas Movie Studio: Publishing to YouTube

The Vegas Movie Studio collection integrates a set of software solutions designed to cover the needs of professionals and all interested in video and audio creation and editing. Each of them contains powerful tools to achieve perfect results and then even enhance them, exploring a wide variety of options – titles, soundtracks, effects and author DVDs, with custom menus and graphics. The Vegas Movie Studio products are designed to turn your home into a professional-level studio, containing everything needed to develop your skills and imagination. An essential part of audio and video production is the ability to share. Once completed, looking perfect and ready to be seen by the rest of the world, your projects can be easily uploaded to YouTube. 

Apart from the conventional way of uploading and publishing videos to YouTube, with the Vegas Movie Studio, you do not need to go to the YouTube website; you can finish your movie and then publish it directly through the interface of the program. The following information will guide you step by step through the process of publishing to YouTube.

The biggest advantages of that method compared to the conventional publishing to YouTube are: first, you are able to start uploading immediately after you finish editing your project. Second, you do not have to spend time digging through your files in the Select file(s) to upload window on YouTube page. However, remember that your project must fit in the requirements of YouTube: it needs to be up to 2 GB in size and up to 15 minutes in length.

Step 1: Open the Wizard

After editing your video project, just click the Make Movie button located on the toolbar of your Vegas Movie Studio window, and the Make Movie Wizard will appear

Step 2: Prepare to Upload

From the first Wizard page asking "What to do with your movie?" and displaying several options to choose from, select the "Upload to the Web" option and click the "Next" button.

Step 3: Select Where to Go

The next page of the Wizard shows two options to choose from. Select the YouTube one and click the "Next" button again.

Step 4: Open Your Account

You are now at the last page of the Make Movie Wizard. Here, you see the entry boxes that you would normally need to fill in with details if you go to the YouTube website and upload a video. First, you need to enter your YouTube Username and Password in order to Sign In to the system.

Step 5: Input Your Settings

In the next entry boxes, you need to write the title of your project and a short description. Then, you need to select the category of your movie and write as many tags as you want and find appropriate so that your movie will be found easily on YouTube. You then get the broadcast options (public or private) and the quality (normal or higher). Make sure you have entered all the information properly.

Click the "Upload" button. Wait until your movie uploads successfully, and do not close the window displaying the loading progress as you might lose it.