Vegas Movie Studio HD: Using the White Balance Tool

Vegas Movie Studio HD is sophisticated software which enables you to edit video in almost any format and produce high quality HD movies. One of its powerful features is the White Balance Tool, which automatically adjusts or lets you adjust the white levels in a video clip. This tool is particularly useful when you are shooting with poor video equipment or under difficult shooting conditions. Here are the steps which will guide you on how to handle this amazing tool.

Step 1: Open the Video Event FX Window

You need to first load the video clip onto the Timeline, and then select an image you need to correct. You can also just right click anywhere on the clip and from the menu which pops up, click on Video Event FX. Alternatively, you can go down to the tab area on the bottom right of your screen and click on the Video FX tab. From the list of options which you will see in the panel above the tab, select the White Balance tool.

Step 2: Use the Tool

Once you have chosen the tool, the Video Event FX window will open and it will have the icon of a dropper next to "Select white color". Click on this dropper, and then place your mouse over the area of footage you want to correct. The tool will automatically analyze the footage and make the necessary corrections for white color.

You additionally have two slider controls which will let you choose the amount of white you want. The "Amount of correction" slider can be adjusted to get the right strength of white, and the "Brightness" slider can be moved to get the right level of brightness in your footage, which has an indirect bearing on how the white balance will appear.