Vegas Movie Studio HD: Using the Secondary Color Corrector

Vegas Movie Studio HD is a powerful video editing application which has a simple user interface. Elements can be arranged by clicking and dragging them into position. Vegas Movie Studio HD has a useful Secondary color corrector feature. This makes it possible to improve the colors in your films.

If you have any dull or washed out films, then these can be restored using this software. The software can also be used to make certain colors stand out from others.

Selecting the Secondary Color Corrector

First, load Vegas Movie Studio HD on your computer and wait for it to finish loading. Then, open the image that you want to work on as you normally would. Click on the Video FX tab at the bottom of the screen. Select the secondary color corrector from the list down the side of the screen.

Choosing the Color

Then click the eye dropper tool to select the color that you want to use with the tool. The color can be chosen by clicking on a certain color in the preview window or adjusting the color in the color wheel. This will select the type of color which is used for the effect.

As soon as you adjust the colors, the preview window will change to show how it will affect your film.

Black and White

To isolate the colors so that it stands out against a black and white background, you should reduce the saturation and check invert mask.

Secondary color correction is a useful feature of Sony Vegas Movie Studio, and this can be used to add interesting effects and change the look of your video.