Vegas Movie Studio HD: Using Image Stabalization

Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD allows you to use state of the art image stabilization technology to remove or reduce the shakes and jitters that may have resulted due to a faulty camera operation technique or other reasons. You can produce a video with tripod-like stability using any cheaper handheld or mobile device. The media can be quickly corrected using any one of the large amounts of already-available presets.

Step 1: Launch Vegas Movie Studio HD

Select the relevant application shortcut from the programs menu to launch the software. You may find the program shortcut on your desktop as well. You will now need to import the video to be stabilized into the software suite to get it ready to work with.

Step 2: Video Footage Correction

You will now resurrect the unusable video footage by right clicking on the media file preview in the time line. You will be presented with a “Stabilize Media” Dialog Box on selecting the required ‘Stabilize Media’ option.

You can now choose from a list of presets (such as general media and handheld media) to correct the footage that you would like to fix. Choose one based on the type of correction needed for the video footage. You will see that the effect is being processed. Upon completion, you will notice that the original media in the time line has been replaced by the corrected media footage.

Once done, you can now save the newly corrected footage and put it to its intended usage.