Utilizing BIM Software for Perfect Construction

BIM software is the latest software used for building construction. This is a software that not only helps with designing the building, but is also used for planning what is needed and construction. It is also excellent for communication and can be used to let all parts of construction know what is going on. The modeling system can be used for determining the different building components, quantities needed, geographic information, spatial relationships and building geometry.

Minimize Mistakes

BIM can minimize mistakes, as the entire building plan will be shared with everyone. By having one software program determine the design and the materials needed, and then relay this information to all parties, there is less chances of mistakes occurring. Even small changes in the design can cause problems if the right parties are not properly informed. Contractors will know exactly what material is needed and by having this information beforehand, the production and timing of the project can occur without any unexpected stops or changes because of communication issues.

5D modeling

This software encompasses more than just the normal 3D design of the building. BI uses 5 dimensions for its design. These dimensions include communication, operation of the building, construction of the building, design and modeling concepts. Using this software is highly debated as it is in competition with many other programs. However, this 5 dimensionality of the software makes it stand head and shoulders above of the competitors. The only difficult part is installing the software into the system, as a team is needed for conversion.

Project Flow

The flow of the data starts with architectural data from BIM and then pushes the design elements to Glue which will link all the BIM objects to Meridian Proliance, which is a type of project management software. This real time flow makes it possible for discussions to occur in real time instead of having the information from BIM printed out and then later the information could be discussed. The project can be directly sent to tablet PCs and other computers immediately. This full integration means that the construction project can proceed much faster than it normally would.


Some of the main benefits that help create a perfect construction project include the ability for progress monitoring without having to go to the actual construction site, along with the ability to identify problems quickly, speed up the changes in the model and stop any collisions that might occur because of design discrepancies. Over 33% of all contractors use BIM because they manage to minimize lost and maximize profit. All key members in the construction and design project can benefit from using the integrated BIM software.


BIM can result in significant savings on a project. The software can show even small issues that need to be fixed. Moving duct work by as much as 3 inches for shafts and wiring can cost a lot of money. By avoiding this issue from the design, this can save hundreds of thousands of dollars depending on the size of the building. There can be hundreds of collisions that can occur in a project, and by avoiding these, significant money can be saved. This makes the owners and builders all happy as it saves money, rebuilding needs and time.