Using Twixtor to Edit Dramatic Fight Sequences

Twixtor is a very useful video editing plugin which can be used with lots of different video editing software. The plugin is suitable for use with Final Cut Pro, Pinnacle Studio and Adobe After Effects. No matter what software you are using, it should be relatively easy to use Twixtor with it. It's possible to use this software to edit interesting fight sequences and make it look much more exciting. If you have a fight movie, then you can use Twixtor to make it much more interesting to watch.

Twixtor can be downloaded for many different applications. You will need to choose the right version to download, as they aren't all identical. This also means that you won't be able to use the plugin with lots of different applications if you only have the one license.

Step 1: Downloading Video

Before you can do anything else, you will need to download the video footage off your camera and save it on your computer. To do this, connect your camera to the computer using either USB or firewire cable. This will then allow you to download the video files and save them.

Step 2: Checking the Video

Take the time to watch the video and check that you're happy with everything. Although you will want to use Twixtor to modify the way it looks, the basic video needs to look ok as it is. If there's anything that's not quite right, then you should cut it out or alternatively touch it up so that it looks better. Then, save the video and make sure that it's backed up just in case your computer decides that it's had enough.

Step 3: Slowing Down Footage

Sometimes you can make your footage look much more interesting by slowing it down. This might be slowed down for a few seconds or for a longer period of time. Slowing the video down makes it easier to see every single punch, hit and bit of action that you might want to see. It might take you many hours to plan certain action moments in the film. This means that you should consider slowing the footage down so that you can allow your viewers every chance possible to see all of the fancy moves.

To slow down with Twixtor it's actually very easy. Simply move the play head by clicking on the timeline to the position where you want to start slowing down the video. Then open the Effects Viewer by clicking the tab. Change the speed in percent to reduce the speed. 100% is normal speed and 50% is half speed. Choose the right speed for your footage.

Step 4: Normal Speed

To return the video to normal speed, move the play head to the position where you want to resume and then change the speed to 100%. This will cause the video to play back at normal speed.

Step 5: Speed Ramping

You can also increase the speed if you want by following the same steps above, but entering any percentage higher than 100%. This will increase the speed of the video, which can be useful for some fight scenes.