Using Track Selector Buttons in Avid

The editing application in Avid allows you to build a sequence with up to 24 audio and 24 video tracks. With the editing process, you can add and remove tracks, and the track selector buttons help you in the selection process. Here are few basic steps that show how these buttons can be used.

Step 1: Know Where the Track Selector Buttons Are Placed on the Screen

As you are in the editing process of a sequence, you will be in a window which has three panels. The top two panels are the Source Monitor on the left and the Record Monitor on the right. Under these two is the panel for the Timeline. On the left of the Timeline, you will see two rows of buttons which are the Track Selector buttons.

Step 2: Understand the Two Rows

The left row of buttons pertains to the tracks which are available in the clip in the Source Monitor. Similarly, the right row of buttons pertains to the clip in the Record Monitor. By default, the video tracks will be named V with a number following it, and the audio tracks are named A. The first audio track on the respective clip will be A1, the next A2 and so on. The same applies to the video tracks.

Step 3: Rename Track Selector Buttons

If you do not want the default names, you can rename each button with a custom name. Right click on the button and select Rename Track, and then type the new name in the Comments window which opens, and click on OK.

Step 4: Activate and Deactivate Buttons

For the sake of explanation, we will assume that there are V1, A1 and A2 buttons in each of the two rows. When you click on any button, you will find it becoming lighter or darker. A lighter color means you have deactivated the button.

Step 5: Select and Send Tracks to the Timeline

To select tracks of the clip in the Source Monitor, just make sure that the respective track buttons are active. Now, press the V key and you will find these tracks on the Timeline. If you need to go back, press Ctrl+Z. If one of the buttons has been left deactivated, you will find a blank space for that track on the Timeline. If all the track buttons of the Source Monitor are active and you deactivate a button of the Record Monitor, then the corresponding track of the Source Monitor will not be sent to the Timeline, even though the button is active.

Step 6: Deleting Track/Tracks

If you want to delete a track from the sequence, you need to click on the respective Track Selector button and then press the Delete key. Click on OK in the dialogue box, which opens, and the whole track will be removed from the sequence. Follow the same procedure to remove multiple tracks.