Using the Panopticum Engraver in Sony Vegas

When using Sony Vegas, you will find out that there are many different plugins which can be used. Plugins add extra features to the software and make different things possible. One very popular plugin is Panopticum Engraver. This can be used to create interesting video effects very easily.

Compatible With

Panopticum Engraver is developed by Panopticum and is compatible with Sony Vegas 4.1 and Adobe After Effects. It's been suitable for use on Mac OS X and all versions of Windows ever since 98. It is very easy to install the plugin when using Sony Vegas; as soon as it's installed, you should then be able to select it from within Vegas.

What It Does

Panopticum Engraver is a plugin which is designed to cut your image into thin lines which form interesting patterns. The thickness of the line depends on the image that you are applying the effect to.

What You Can Create

When using this plugin, you can create some interesting results. Panopticum engraver can be used to make fascinating pictures. You can create a mono color image which bears a resemblance to the original file. The software can also use a number of different geometric patterns to shade the image. If you do plan on using this plugin, you will first need to do some experimentation. It's possible to create some very different results by changing the settings.