Using the Mixing Console Window in Sony Vegas

Sony Vegas is one of the most popular Non-linear editing (NLE) software available today, which provides an all in one solution for all editing needs. Sony Vegas also includes an elaborate audio mixing console that makes this software extremely versatile. In fact, there are many people who have bought this software solely for its audio editing capabilities. The mixing console window looks like an emulation of the best audio hardware. The panel is also fully customizable to suit your needs. 


The mixer console window gives you full control over the audio busses and lets you assign effect chains and also control the routing and the volume of the outgoing signal. To go to this window, either press Alt+3 or click on View and then on Mixer from the menu bar.


The top left corner of the window has a few buttons to make your jobs easier. If you directly want to access the Audio tab on the dialogue box of Project Properties, click on the button for Project Audio Properties. Next to it is the button for Downmix Output, which will downmix the audio from stereo to mono or from surround to stereo. After that is an icon of a speaker with an arrow pointing down, which is the button for Dim Output that brings down the volume of those buses which are being routed to outputs of 20db.

To add effects chain to the current project, click on the Insert Assignable FX button, and it will also route tracks to the chain. For adding a bus to the project, click on the Insert Bus button, which will also route to the bus, the tracks or effect chains.  

Preview Fader

On the left side of the mixing window, you will find the Preview Fader slider control which lets you control the volume and also oversee the levels of output in media files, when you are previewing them from the Project Media or Explorer windows. The Preview slider control also lets you adjust the volume of metronome.