Using the Fractal Brimstone in Image Lounge

The Red Giant Image Lounge is a software plug-in that is compatible with Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro CS5. The program comes with more than 20 After Effects filters, which allows users to add effects like smoke, water and fire. One of those effects is the Brimstone fractal tools, which can add the look of fire to an image.

Step 1: Image Lounge Features

Users can add standard features like camera blur and shadows, including 3D shadows that will give images more depth or simulate steam or hot air. But, there is more to this program than just these types of effects, which can be found in many programs. For example, the Grunge Filter adds noise to standard text or images to give it an almost sand-blasted look.

Another effect available in this suite is the Hall of Mirrors Filter, which allows users to take images and put them between different virtual mirrors. This will cause the image to be reflected in several sections, which will diminish over time. The Hall of Mirrors Filter will eventually cause the image to disappear into the background.

Step 2: Fire and Brimstone Fractal Tools

Within the tools menu are the fractal tools. With the Fractal Fire tool, users can create solar flares or flames. It can also be used to add an almost bomb or explosion effect. Other features of the Fractal Fire tool include the creation of smoke that has an almost oil look or a firestorm.

The Fractal Brimstone can be used to create a number of different effects. Like the Fractal Fire tool, it can be used to create almost natural fires, which can be animated within an image, and users can also add smoke to scenes. But, there is more to this tool than just the standard fire effect. It can also create natural disasters like tornados or weather phenomena like fog.

These effects can be created by manipulating the parameters of the effect. Users can add color to create the smoke or remove it to create fog. A whirling tunnel of fire can be transferred into a tornado. There are literally an endless number of effects that can be created by manipulating the dozens of parameters within the effect.

Step 3: Other Fractal Tools

Besides the Fractal Fire and Brimstone, two other fractal tools are available. The Fractal Tunnel can be used to create a variety of tunnel effects, including maelstroms and whirlpools. Basically, users will add a warp effect to the fractal noise and this will create the tunnel effect. The Fractal Tunnel can be used to create virtual reality environments.

The Fractal Clouds is similar to the fire and brimstone effects, except that is almost solely used to create different types of clouds, including cumulus, nimbus and stratosphere clouds. But, the tool can also be used to create water features, including the ocean, rivers, streams, waterfalls and lakes. These waterways can be created so that they look still, or users can add light reflects, water movement and ripple effects.