Using the Device Explorer in Vegas Movie Studio

The Device Explorer in the Sony Vegas Movie Studio enables the user to rapidly browse through the audio and video content on external and internal devices. These devices may be a Sony Memory Stick, an AVCHD or a hard disc. Using the Device Explorer, you can efficiently view and preview audio/video media, and then import them into the Sony Vegas Movie Studio. This allows you to improve your workflow and maximize your speed and productivity.

Step 1: Launch Device Explorer

To launch the device explorer, you will click on the ‘View’ menu and select the device explorer option. Alternatively press Ctrl + Alt + T on the keyboard as a shortcut. This will launch the Device Explorer window for you to work with.

Step 2: Browse and Select Files

All connected devices appear on the left side of the device explorer window. Clicking on any one of them will reveal the contents on the other side of the window. You will now browse through the devices and locate the file to be imported. You can preview clips by simply selecting and hitting the preview button. You will then select the required files and click on the “Import Selected Clips” button to add the clip to the project media panel/window and use it at a later point in time. Alternatively, you can use the window to directly drag a selected clip to the time line.

The Device Explorer saves you the hassle of browsing to and importing the required clips and footage one by one into the Sony Vegas Movie Studio.