Using the Avid Media Composer 5 Effects Palette

The Avid Media Composer 5 effects palette offers you the chance to edit and manipulate your video images. If you want an easy and quick way to remove unwanted or unnecessary portions and artifacts of the video image, you can locate and clone objects using the Effects Palette of Avid Media composer 5 and most particularly the paint effect.

The process can be complicated but also easy and simple with some practical details. Here is a short step by step guide on how to use the Avid Media Composer 5 Effects Palette to edit your video image. Let's take a simple example so that you understand how palette works: remove the text from the shirt of a friend in the video images. This project is relatively simple because it only requires a single tracking point, but will give you an idea on how to use the palette.

Step 1 - Cloning a Similar Area of the Shirt

Your goal is to duplicate and use a clear area of the shirt; you need to clone this area and then track it to cover the logo you don't need anymore. It could be hard to find because it depends on the angle you have shot the video, but in most cases, you will be able to locate the spot and track it. You should click on the paint effect and drag it from the palette on the video segment in the timeline.

Step 2 - The Effect Mode

You should click on the effect mode option to open the parameters of the palette effect. Before doing so, check if the V1 track is on. Click on the drawing oval tool within the parameters of the paint effect in the palette. The oval tool will help you draw the area you want over the frames of the video that need to be cloned. What you will see is solid red color, but worry not, it can be changed later.

Step 3 - Draw the Area

Drawing the area above the text on the shirt is the next step; the painted area should turn in to an object when you let the mouse go. 

Step 4 - Change the Mode to Clone

The next step is to change the mode of the object to clone and move the object to the top of the video image. You should also adjust the feathering of the object in order to eliminate the rough edges and allow the clone area to blend in.

Step 5 - Track the Text

Track the text to make the object you cloned to follow the video sequence and click the tracking icon within the palette effect to activate the tracking window. The tracker will start tracking the objects within the pertinent area and you will be able to see the individual tracking points as the tool will be moving through the clip. Once tracking has completed, you can go to the palette menu and turn off the tracking parameter.

Extra Tip

Tracking can be very difficult at first, so you need to experiment a little because using the track could be little hard to do at first.