Using Prodad Heroglyph in Sony Vegas

Prodad Heroglyph is advanced video editing software with many features and tools for various types of text animation and text editing. This versatile software can be used in Sony Vegas as a plug-in. Here are the steps for using Prodad Heroglyph in Sony Vegas.

Step 1: Go to Media Generators

After you have initialized Sony Vegas, click on the Media Generators tab. In the list that opens, select "proDAD Heroglyph," which will usually be before the plug-in called "Legacy Text."

Step 2: Using Heroglyph as a Plug-In

The above step should have generated the icon for Heroglyph in the right box. Now, select "Default" in an empty track on the Timeline. You can drag the icon onto this track, and the window for Heroglyph will open up. You can start your project by clicking on Edit Title.

Alternatively, you can click on the Heroglyph object on the timeline and then click on "Edit generated media" and then on "Edit title".

After you are done with the project, you can either click on F12 or the Plug icon to save your work and go back to Sony Vegas.