Using Prodad Adorage in Sony Vegas

Prodad Adorage allows you to add numerous special effects to your wedding, sport, holiday or family videos. The special effects collection is vast, offering effects approximately 10,000 effect presets. Whether looking for lightning effects, particle effects, smoke and fog, or explosions, you can probably find it in the Prodad Adorage collection of effects.

Using Prodad Adorage in Sony Vegas will help you create the family or home videos you want, adding the necessary pop-up effects. The plugin features a user friendly, interactive interface and fast rendering, making the video editor’s life much easier.

Features of Prodad Adorage

Prodad Adorage features a fantastic series of effects that could be tailored through Sony Vegas to depict the sound and movement of boats, planes and add realism and fun to your video. Sony Vegas is a powerful video editing tool which allows you to create and manipulate the videos you want, optimizing them for use with all major video production sites and media.

Using Prodad Adorage in Sony Vegas

Creating and implementing the transitions you have created is not an easy job. If you work with a great variety of effects, you might find the task rather intimidating. Prodad Adorage alleviates a great deal of problems when used in Sony Vegas. The plugins are easily installed and used. In most cases, the plugins can be dragged and added to the timeline tracks and video scenes.

Adorage is able to run as a standalone program, but its main purpose is to act as an add on for video editing programs, such as Sony Vegas, introducing transitions and video effects in an efficient and easy way.