Using Motion 3 to Rotoscope

Motion 3 is one of the best video editing tools that enables you to rotoscope. Rotoscoping is done when you want to add text that goes around or behind a specific object. This article will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to do it in Motion 3.

Step 1: Set up Your Video on Motion 3

The very first thing that you should do is to upload your video on Motion 3. It is as simple as clicking “file” then “open,” or pressing “CTRL+O” simultaneously. Make sure that you place this layer on the bottom of all layers, as this will serve as the background of your video.

Step 2: Create a Text

After that, you should create the text. You can do this by adding a text while working on your current video. Remember that the text layer should come after the top most layer of your video. This will enable you to put your text behind an object.

Step 3: Duplicate Your Background Layer and Mask It

Once you have the text set, you should duplicate the background layer. You can do this by pressing “CTRL+D”. After duplication, you should mask the duplicated layer and place it on the top of all your layers. Masking can be done by clicking on the “custom shape” icon. Click it and form a shape around the specific area that you want your text to revolve on.

Remember the order of the layers. On the top layer is your masked layer, then your text layer, and finally, your background layer. When done correctly, you will see the text go behind the portion of the video that you masked.