Using Intersense in the Previsualization Process

Intersense Inc is a pioneer in the field of precision motion tracking and has been championing the conceptualization, design and development of groundbreaking products (which are changing the way things are being done around a lot of industry verticals). These verticals include movie making, video game development, automotive industry, space applications and many more. One of the key areas where Intersense has had an impact on is the development and the production processes, and methodology followed around the movie making and video game development world.

Intersense has introduced a new production paradigm that introduces a process known as Previsualization. This has been closely associated with a product known as the Intersense VCam. The Intersense VCam is essentially a combination of hardware and software that forms a precise tracking system. The camera and software allows the head of a video game production studio or a movie director to assume control of virtual scenes and shots in their own hands.

The following discusses how Intersense has introduced Previsualization and changed the way things are done.

Step 1: Understanding Previsualization

Previsualization is actually a very a complex technique that has a lot going on around it. But, simply put, the process of Previsualization enables a director to visualize scenes in a movie even before the actual filming begins. It allows the person in charge to actually recreate a virtual camera in his own hands. With this one simple move, you can increase your productivity as a director by streamlining the workflow, and slash a lot of your production costs.

Step 2: Understanding Intersense VCam

The Intersense VCam is the essential combination of hardware and software that makes everything in “Step 1” happen. It enables the director to simulate a wide variety of actual camera moves in virtual space using cinematic realism. This also includes aerial and crane shots that are impossible to by the hand. Yet, these are possible through the Intersense VCam.

By allowing a director to renders Previsualization in real time, the Intersense VCam saves hours of production time by directly scouting camera angles. It also allows one to try out multiple camera moves into the virtual space - without key framing and programming the camera paths – all done by hand.

Step 3: Working Details on the Intersense VCam

The Intersense VCam simply requires you to setup a virtual studio in your computer and use the virtual camera hardware in conjunction with it to capture shots in real time.

The virtual studio is then divided into parts that are knowsn as “Volumes”. A volume is what contains the movements of the Intersense VCam in the virtual space and allows you to position and rotate the camera relative to the environment. The volume can be scaled according to one’s preferences and can be allowed to become big enough for aerial and crane shots.

The director then transfers the control from the computer to the Intersense VCam, where a 3-axis joystick on the camera becomes the controlling element.